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Ready to get ahead financially? Blue Elegance Consulting is here with the tools you need. From credit consulting and tradeline services, all the way up to business formation - we offer what's needed for Financial Freedom and Generational Wealth so your future can look brighter than ever! Let us show you how today.

Free Credit Analysis

Our team of experienced advisors will review your credit report for any errors or inaccurate information, and make sure that you have access to all the advice you need to improve your score. We are committed to helping our clients build more secure financial futures, one Free Credit Analysis at a time!

Tradelines - Pricing varies based on account age and credit limit

We understand the importance of increasing credit scores and our expert tradelines can help you get there quicker than ever before. Our tradelines are based on reliability and security, and each of our tradelines is backed by our years of experience in consulting and problem-solving.

Business Consultation

Our talented consultants specialize in uncovering innovative solutions to challenging business issues and strive to develop tailored approaches that bring measurable results over time. Our high-level expertise and insider knowledge will help empower your business project forward, no matter what stage it is at.

Credit Consultation

  • $99 setup fee.

  • $99 per month; [two-month (60 day) minimum].

  • Monthly status check-ins.

  • In-depth credit assessment and suggested strategy to maximize increasing your score as fast as possible.

Limited Liability Company (LLC) Documentation

Our team of experts will guide you through the business formation process every step of the way, whether it be business structuring, legal compliance, business strategy and planning, or anything else. We understand the specifics of setting up a business from start to finish and strive to ensure that all our clients are ready in every facet when starting their business. 


We take the time to get to know each business owner on an individual basis so that we can provide a tailored funding solution that meets their business needs and helps them achieve their goals. With our support, business owners can quickly and effectively find dependable business funding they can rely on.

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Ready To Work with Us?

Taking control of your finances is no easy feat and at Blue Elegance Consulting, we understand the weight that this decision holds. That's why we're ready to help guide you on your journey to financial success – starting with a consultation. 

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